mob area: AH, Negative Energy Plane
mob name: dendar night serpent evil black darkness
mob look: An enormous, black serpent stares absently into the darkness.
mob desc: Banished eons ago to the dark abyss known as the Negative Energy Plane, the
enormous reptilian known as the Night Serpent has planned her revenge.
Feasting on the forgotten fragments of humanity's nightmares, she has grown
quite fat. Thick, black scales cover the entirety of her body, and ebony
spikes run along her spine. Three narrow, red eyes shine amidst the dark
scales covering her massive shovel-shaped head. Large, razor-sharp fangs
fill her gaping maw, and a mottled green tongue flicks out to test the air.
Dendar, the Night Serpent is in excellent condition.
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added: by Bazilus , 25.05.2003 13:47 MSK