mob area: AH, Negative Energy Plane
mob name: robed vecna man clergyman clergy priest
mob look: A robed clergyman bearing the symbol of Vecna lounges lazily against a stone.
mob desc: Laying peacefully against a black voidstone, the young-looking man relaxes
amidst the darkness. The slightly overweight priest is dressed in loose
silver robes, most likely satin or extremely fine silk. Clutched tightly
in his left hand is a strange glowing symbol, and his right hand there is a
large, ivory handled mace. His slow, rhythmic breathing and low utterances
suggest he is asleep or in a deep, trance-like meditation.
A Priest of Vecna is in excellent condition.
items found: silversteel plate

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added: by Bazilus , 25.05.2003 13:48 MSK