mob area: AH, Negative Energy Plane
mob name: xoz ywh demon monster evil dweller
mob look: A shrouded, bat-winged demon smiles maliciously at your approach.
mob desc: A thick, bloodstained cloak covers most of the Dweller's enormous body. A
single ebony horn juts out of its hairless head, and glinting yellow eyes
shine from behind its toothy mouth. Two thin limbs poke out from its
muscled back, and thin, membranous skin attaches tightly to it, creating a
semblance of bat wings. Curved talons tip the end of its long, nimble
fingers. The demon takes notice of you and grins evilly, but continues a
soft chanting over an ornate onyx altar.
Xoz'Ywh, The Dweller is in excellent condition.
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added: by Bazilus , 25.05.2003 14:10 MSK