mob area: AH, Negative Energy Plane
mob name: mun munluotlil feeder souls demon evil
mob look: A demon, chained down with diamond shackles, mercilessly throws souls into the void.
mob desc: Glinting diamond shackles wrap around the muscled ankles of a rather
odd-looking creature. The demon is mostly humanoid, excepting a head
shaped like that of a goat, and course hair coating its entire body. Long,
dexterous fingers snake out from its massive hands, and are tipped with
gleaming claws. The horrid beast unleashes a string of obscenities and
throws another hapless soul into the all-consuming void.
Munluotlil, The Feeder of Souls is in excellent condition.
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added: by Bazilus , 25.05.2003 14:11 MSK