mob area: BH, Balrog's Temple
mob name: Lavender mistress
mob look: The mistress of arts religious and monastic, Lavender, smiles softly.
mob desc: Very few match Lavender in monastic arts; fewer still surpass. Born when
the world was young, she has mastered the sorcery of youth. Even though
she is more than four centuries old, she looks like a well-preserved twenty
at most. It's only her eyes that bespeak her age, and then very seldom.
A face to stun a man, a waist like a wasp's, charming green eyes and a
mass of luscious raven hair belie her vast supply of vanity. There aren't
many spells surrounding her, possibly because she dislikes what the auras
do to her skin color or maybe because she hardly needs any protection at
all, being one of the world's most skilled monks. Her familiar, a small
black snake, has conveniently coiled around her right wrist.
Lavender is in excellent condition.

You attempt to peek at the inventory:
the thunder scripts..It emits a faint humming sound!
a hammered breastplate
comments: shopkeeper
items found: hammered breastplate
thunder scripts

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