mob area: AH, Negative Energy Plane
mob name: mot god evil dissolution death
mob look: Mot, the Canaanite God of Death and Destruction, smiles and welcomes you to his home.
mob desc: Outfitted in blood red half-plate mail, the old deity known as Mot admires
the trophies he has collected over the years. Jagged ivory spikes thrust
out from his helm and shoulder guards, and are tipped by a noxious green
substance. Various dents and gashes mar the otherwise polished surface of
his armor, and his exposed skin seems just as scarred. A stringer of bones
hangs loosely from his belt, consisting mostly of humanoid skulls. He
smiles mischievously and invites you to admire his trophies with him before
you die.
Mot is in excellent condition.
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added: by Bazilus , 25.08.2003 12:28 MSK