mob area: TH, Enea's Temple
mob name: pelagal angel
mob look: A holy sea-creature slithers peacefully along the water's edge.
mob desc: Although mostly forgotten in angelic lore, the pelegal once served as
messengers to the deep. They and their companions, the riverines, spend
half of their existence (if an infinite length of time can be measured and
halved) underwater, and the other half at Enea's side. The hair of a
pelegic angel is green like seaweed, and the skin is a deep turquoise.
A pelagic angel of Enea is in excellent condition.

a pelagic angel of Enea is using:
held two polished stones

You attempt to peek at the inventory:
a raft of light
comments: You would need a lot of luck!
items found:

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