mob area: TH, Enea's Temple
mob name: seraphim angel dragon
mob look: A holy dragon is curled up on the ground, burning the air around it.
mob desc: The seraphim is a member of the second order of Enea's angelic guardians
and messengers. Its body is over twenty feet long, red and scaly. Unlike
some of its angelic brethren it has only one face, but six separately
articulated wings help lift its massive weight off the ground. Although
its visage is fierce, it appears gentle in nature, caring only for the
pleasure of worshipping its god.
A holy seraphim of Enea is in excellent condition.

a holy seraphim of Enea is using:
held the dust from an angelic dragon's wing
comments: You would need a lot of luck and great equipment!
items found:

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added: by Ferrum , 07.09.2003 18:38 MSK