type: Worn on Hands
name: adamantine gloves
AC: -0.4
restrictions: EW or ET
look: A great many adamantine rings form a pair of precious gloves..It emits a faint humming sound!
desc: Heavy gloves, they have been made from a myriad of tiny rings of
adamantine. It ensures great protection to one's hands. The gloves
are exquisite, and have been created with both skill and care.
The metallic rings have been bound together by platinum wires
identify: Object 'gloves adamantine precious', Item type: ARMOR
Item is: HUM MAGIC
Weight: 6, Value: 150000
AC-apply is -0.4
Only those who are at least experienced thieves or experienced warriors may
use this item.
mobiles: Lord Ixtl black death knight undead ( AH, Dark Dreams )

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added: by Mio , 13.06.2002 02:03 MSK