type: Held Low
name: obsidian serpent
AC: -0.0
attributes: +1MAREGEN +2MVREGEN
restrictions: Ap ANY
look: An amazingly lifelike obsidian serpent watches you cautiously...It has a soft glowing aura!
desc: The serpent is arrow-straight, a foot long and two inches thick. The
detail is astonishingly fine. Its ruby eyes blaze as if alive, they are
windows suddenly opened on the hottest forges of hell. The serpent has
long wings of darkness that cast shadows where no shadows should be.
Its glossy talons slash at the air like obsidian knives...It has a soft glowing
identify: Object 'serpent obsidian', Item type: ARMOR
Item is: GLOW EVIL
Weight: 2, Value: 19500
AC-apply is -0.0
Can affect you as :
Affects : REGEN_MANA By 1
Affects : REGEN_MOVE By 2
Only those who are at least apprentice in at least one of the starting
classes may use this item.
mobiles: Maestro Noir Master Night Lord Ice wizard icemage ( AH, Iceglen )

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added: by Falca , 15.03.2003 01:27 MSK