type: Other
name: strange triangular shaped token
attributes: reroll stats
restrictions: under 20 level
look: A strange triangular shaped token hovers slightly above the ground here.
desc: This token has strange small runes written all over it on one side, and on
the other side it has many numbers, ranging from 1 to 18.
identify: Object 'triangle token', Item type: LIGHT
Item is: ZAP-GET
Weight: 1, Value: 26500
Only those who are no more than adept magic users, clerics, thieves,
warriors, druids, necromancers, bards, and monks may use this item.
mobiles: Giant slug ( BH, Sewers )
Hedge bush dragon topiary ( BH, The Garden )
Hedge witch elena keeper ( BH, The Garden )
Kobold ghost king wisp nobility ( BH, Kobolds )
Quickling general ( BH, Qucklings )
black king man ( Valkyre, Chessboard )
centaur lady centauress ( Valkyre, Autumnal Forest )
citizen elder elderly man male ( Valkyre, Newbatia Town )
follower servant mage ( Valkyre, Temple of Blaster )
golem poor attempt ( BH, School of Cholemry )
harpy dirty ( Valkyre, Autumnal Forest )
harpy dirty ( Valkyre, Autumnal Forest )
haughty grymlyn queen ( SS, Grymlyns )
juggler ring tall skinny man ( Valkyre, The Circus )
junior young man golem maker ( BH, School of Cholemry )
pelican sea bird ( SS, The Beach )
penguin king half ( AH, The Penguins )
penguin noble ( AH, The Penguins )
rabbit ( BH, The Park )
senior young man golem maker ( BH, School of Cholemry )
sun priestess ( BH, Sun Temple )
tangle vine vines ( BH, Jungle )
tree demon huge ( BH, Jungle )
white deer doe ( BH, The Greek Forest )
white king man ( Valkyre, Chessboard )
woman student mage ( BH, School of Cholemry )

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added: by Ferrum , 15.05.2003 22:25 MSK