mob area: SS, Dwarven Stronghold
mob name: dwarf priestess berronar
mob look: The Priestess Berronar stands here looking down her very long nose at you.
mob desc: The only thing wise about this priestess is the wizened face that she has.
Peering out of a mass of wrinkles, her beady little eyes rest on top of a
nose that is so pointed, you wonder if she has more elf blood than dwarf
in her. She is wearing a gorgeously embroidered robe that would look
better on her if she wasn't so amazingly thin. She is taller than most
dwarves, around four and a half feet, and from her smug expression, you
can tell she uses this to its fullest advantage.
The Priestess Berronar is in an excellent condition.
items found: shimmering wand
diamond encrusted spellbook

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added: by Ferrum , 30.12.2001 21:41 MSK