mob area: TH, Forest of Aaost
mob name: 3:wise avian jrontaun scout
mob look: A jrontaun scout guards the entrance to the kingdom!
mob desc: Having bird-like characteristics, he uses his thorn-shaped beak to consume
the abundant dust in the tree tops of the Forest of Aaost. This is his
nourishment and he quenches his thirst by drinking juices from kirdir vines
that stretch from the forest ground upwards, to over six hundred feet in
height. Just below a slender, flexible long neck, his large torso is
top-heavy and shrinks as it flows down to his extremely short, stumpy legs. As a scout, he has vowed to attack and kill anyone that threatens to enter the Kingdom of Jrontauq.
A wise jrontaun scout is in an excellent condition.

a wise jrontaun scout is using:
wielded a sharp dusty branch
comments: aggro, see invis, already pop branch, 1.2M
items found: sharp dusty branch

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added: by Mind , 09.01.2002 00:00 MSK